Traditional Chinese Medicine

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TCM: thousands of years in the making

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has long had a special place at Hotel Post Bezau. With over 2000 years of history and development in East Asia, this medical science places an importance on the interplay between Yin and Yang. These two opposites form the basis of Chinese philosophy, and both should be in balance – in the universe and the human body alike. Any imbalances are harmonised through acupuncture, massage techniques, revitalising sleep, herbal medicine, and physical exercise such as Tai Chi or Qigong. The right nutrition also plays an important role.

Yin and yang in balance TCM is based around holistic factors: in Chinese philosophy, the white “Yang” (light, hard, hot, male, active) contrasts with its opposite, the black “Yin” (dark, soft, cold, feminine, calm). Nevertheless, both are also mutually interdependent, control each other, and can even merge together. In TCM, physical symptoms are manifestations of inherent imbalances in the organism as a whole. The goal of Traditional Chinese Medicine is thus to recognize and bring imbalances back into alignment. Alongside the body’s functions and physical structure itself, external factors such as climate and seasons also have a decisive influence. Equally part of the diagnostic process are an individual’s thoughts and feelings.

The role of nutrition in Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM’s approach to a detoxifying nutrition can help restore our physical and mental balance. However, this has little to do with following a specific diet. Rather, the goal is to develop an understanding of how certain foods influence the organism as a whole. When the five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal, and water – are in harmony, we’re less likely to get sick and have enough energy to resist light imbalances without outside help. This is why nutrition is, along with the breath, one of the pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine, serving as an important source of our life energy. The lungs, meanwhile, are responsible for the body’s immunity, with regular exercise sending sufficient oxygen to carry out their important tasks.

TCM: the basis of our Detox Retreat At our Detox Retreat, the human body and all its functions and structures are the point of departure. Through acupuncture, a targeted TCM nutrition consultation, and special spa treatments, the Detox Retreat helps reestablish a natural balance between your Yin and Yang. Nutrition plays an important role here: special meals prepared according to TCM principles create a lightly alkaline milieu in the body. This makes it easier for it to get rid of waste products and fats. Regular meals help the metabolism work at full blast, while coffee and alcohol should be completely given up during the retreat.

Supporting the detox process To help the body regulate its imbalances, special treatments based around Chinese curative processes play an important role. At the Susanne Kaufmann Spa our therapists provide a range of holistic whole-body TCM treatments. The natural ingredients of Susanne KaufmannTM products stimulate the skin’s own processes of self-regulation. After all, according to TCM the skin is directly connected to the lungs via energy channels, meaning skin health has an effect on the health of the entire body. You’re truly in good hands here at the Susanne Kaufmann Spa, in the care of our medical team with specialised training in Traditional Chinese Medicine.


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