Summer in the Bregenzerwald

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Hiking in Austria

Hiking in Vorarlberg Austria is known for its stunning mountains, jaw-dropping peaks, and for nature in all its glory. Here at our hotel in Bezau we’re right in the epicentre of this nature lover’s paradise, surrounded by the beauty of the Bregenzerwald. This is all best experienced on foot, with cliffs, hills, streams and meadows offering an irresistible invitation to immerse yourself in the natural world. In Vorarlberg as the rest of Austria there is a virtually infinite number of possible hiking trails - little wonder that this is among the country’s top three favourite sports.

Hiking: the perfect mix of sport and leisure Any outdoor exercise is great for both physical and mental wellbeing, whether it’s hiking, biking, or merely strolling. The impact of a good walk can be felt in no time, with positive changes to our thought patterns, a greater sense of equanimity and better overall mood. Negative feelings like anxiety or low energy are blown away in the fresh air, and even cortisol levels are lowered along the way, helping reduce stress in the process. Research by the Austrian Alpine Association found that while the heart rates of hikers were higher than the control group, this was not actually felt as greater exertion. It was surmised that the mountain surroundings serve as a perfect distraction from physical effort. Hence hiking in Austria offers the chance to enjoy yourself while working on your fitness with a picture-perfect backdrop.

A healthy national obsession Mountain sports like skiing, biking and hiking have long been a way of life in Austria and Vorarlberg. This means mountain areas are equipped with the ideal hiking infrastructure, including mountain huts and well-signposted trails. Whether you’re a beginner or a novice, you’ll find the perfect option whatever the season. The silence of the hills, the abundance of colours and creatures and the majestic views will all stay long in the memory. In the Bregenzerwald region, over 1500 km of signposted hiking trails cover a varied valley landscape surrounded by mountains. There are equal options for those seeking day hikes, adventurous multi-day hikes, or simply a walk up in search of the perfect panoramic photo.

Inexhaustible hiking options Many hikes in Austria and Vorarlberg are dotted with geological points of interest, alpine history, and tales of historical events or people. And if you’re not yet an experienced trekker, fear not: well-placed signage ensures you can always find your way. These signs provide not only directions but also tell you the distance from your intended goal, how long it may take to get there, and the estimated difficulty level. Despite all this assistance it’s always good to have an up-do-date map to hand, plenty of water to quench your thirst, and to check the weather before you set off. Chairlifts and cable-cars can help ease you along the way at the start or the end of a hike, especially for those with varying levels of fitness.

A few routes around Bezau It doesn’t take long from Hotel Post Bezau before you’re immersed deep into nature. Schönebach, for instance, is a twenty-minute drive away, and is one of Vorarlberg’s most beautiful hill valley villages. If you feel like going a little higher, the way from Baumgarten to Winterstaude (1,877 m) is a perfect and picturesque option, as is the route from Baumgarten to Niedere Höhe. The impressive panoramic views from here take in Bregenzerwald, Lake Constance, Allgäu in Germany and even the Swiss mountains. For the perfect post-hike relaxation, you need look no further than the saunas in Hotel Post Bezau to relax the muscles. To top it off, support the body’s regenerative processes and prepare for the next hike with special treatments at the Susanne KaufmannTM Spa. Treatment options include a lymph-activating massage to stimulate cleansing and regeneration through fascial relaxation, or a sports massage to galvanise the entire movement system. This can be perfectly complemented by a moment of calmness in the bathing house, putting you in the ideal headspace for plotting the next hike.


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