Relaxed throughout your pregnancy

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A short getaway for expecting mothers.

Pregnancy is exciting and demanding at the same time. Every mother will certainly agree. The body is delivering its maximum performance throughout the approximate 40 weeks of pregnancy. We at the Hotel Post Bezau offer expecting mothers a brief time-out.

Treat yourself

The hormones like to go a little crazy during pregnancy: straight hair can become frizzy, what used to be your favourite perfume smells terrible and isn’t acne only for teenagers? In the Susanne Kaufmann Spa, our cosmeticians spoil you with a suitable facial treatment, perfectly adapted to meet the skin’s needs. And after a foot massage with medicinal foot care, you will feel like you are walking on air once more.


During the mommy-time treatment, the entire body relaxes. Luxurious cooling leg wraps and a gentle lymph drainage make heavy legs lighter. Tension melts away during the extended shoulder and neck massage. And your baby belly is pampered with a nurturing compress. The refined oils from the Susanne Kaufmann™ Essence line are also available for your baby belly care at home.


Our bath house invites you to linger and morning Qigong exercises provide pleasant serenity. And of course, the fresh mountain air of the Bregenzerwald does you plenty of good. On the myriad of walking and hiking trails in and around the town of Bezau, you can find time to breathe deeply and relax. And perhaps our hiking guide Pius Feurstein will reveal his favourite spot for recharging energy…

Our tip: Susanne Kaufmann™ body oils: Stretch Mark Oil or Resculpting Oil

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