Relief and relaxation

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The myriad benefits of a good massage.

We're all familiar with the pleasant feeling a good massage brings; the soft motions, tender strokes and light presses feel undeniably great and often instantly relaxing. That's all well and good, but the benefits on the entire body go way beyond this, meaning a regular massage should be a regular activity for all of us.

Relief and relaxation This is a method of healing which stretches back millennia, and nowadays there’s a dazzling array of different massage techniques across the world. A good massage can simultaneously provide relief to tensions in both the body and the mind – positive effects can be observed even in cases of depression. In our Susanne Kaufmann Spa, our experts are trained in a wide range of different massage techniques, so that each guest can be treated according to their individual requirements.

Wellness or therapy? Wellness massages are first and foremost about relaxation, which is important too as when the physical body is relaxed the mind can find calmness too. When massages are medically prescribed, they provide alleviation for specific complaints such as blocked joints, muscle cramps, and back or neck pain. Nevertheless, a preventative massage is also worthwhile, as the body is generally more flexible when muscles, ligaments and joints are relaxed. This helps prevent injuries and ensure the body is prepared for any strenuous activity.

Massage: beneficial to the entire body The exact causes of the positive effects of a massage have still not been thoroughly researched – probably due to the very fact that they’re so diverse in nature and involve so many different bodily processes. What’s clear is that our skin is home to millions of sensitive nerve endings. When touched, this stimulation is in turn passed onto the brain. This works especially well when it involves the warm touch of skin on skin. The soft touches of a massage result in the secretion of ‘happy hormones’ by the body, which can work against stress and alleviate pain.

Massage as therapy Through rubs, kneading, and tapping, a masseuse can act upon the deeper layers of tissue. The various stimulations, the warmth of the hands and the occasionally strenuous massage grips serve to stimulate the receptors in the muscles. The muscle spindles are gently pulled away from one another, promoting blood flow and relaxing the muscles. This normalises metabolic processes in the muscles and can balance out any hyperacidity. In this way, a massage is also a detoxing process whereby toxins are taken out of the cells and transported away. This detox effect also supports digestive processes, meaning a massage can also help alleviate stomach pains or constipation.

Massaging the way to mental and physical health Relaxation is of course an important part of many massages, so this can also help with restlessness or an overactive mind at night. The body is then relaxed, loosening any tensions that have built up. This in turn relaxes the mind, calming it down and promoting sleep. In this way a massage is the perfect complement for evening rituals here at Hotel Post Bezau, along with a footbath or an uplifting walk in the fresh air. But there are also benefits for health in general, supporting the work of white blood cells (or leukocytes) which serve to strengthen our immune system. Additionally, better blood circulation improves the functioning of our organs.

Reduced anxiety, stress and depression As a massage promotes the excretion of serotonin and dopamine, and reduces the stress hormone cortisol, we feel less incidence of anxiety, stress or depression. This is also a result of slower pulse, breathing, and reduced systolic blood pressure. As we’ve seen, a massage can bring about a whole array of relaxing effects, so don’t let too much time pass before your next one!

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