For the Love of Food.

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How we consciously reduce food waste at the Hotel Post Bezau.

One-third of the world’s food is thrown away. These 1.3 million tons are either remnants of preparation, classic plate leftovers, opened foods, foods whose expiration date has just passed, or simply foods that do not visually please the eye. We in the catering industry are responsible for about 14 percent of food waste. Reason enough for us to drastically reduce our food waste here at the Hotel Post Bezau, and to completely avoid it in the long term.


Foundation. Healthy, local cuisine with traditional values, made to the highest quality standards, has been the foundation of our recipe for success for many years. We have even been awarded for this endeavor. Nevertheless, we manage to produce around 28 tons of biowaste a year at the Hotel Post Bezau. In our opinion, this is just too much; so we asked ourselves again what sustainability means to us: simple – respect for food. Therefore, in our new kitchen concept, we will focus on an uncompromisingly natural, regional, and seasonal cuisine.


Honesty. We are convinced that enjoyment must be honest. Therefore, our vegetables come from our own vegetable and herb gardens, and we are happy for them to be uniquely crooked, bumpy, or speckled. We source our fish from controlled farms, and our poultry and meat from local farmers. And of course, the cheese comes from the Bregenz Forest. We take our personal relationship with our suppliers to heart. Thanks to geographical proximity, we can also drastically reduce the transport routes of our ingredients. Everybody benefits from this.


Enjoyment. Good food improves quality of life. At the Hotel Post Bezau, you start the day with a good breakfast: fresh bread, homemade jams, sausage and cheese specialties from Vorarlberg, various cereals, and eggs from the happy local chickens. An essential part of our contribution to the reduction of food waste is the introduction of our four-course dinner menu: a healthy basic menu (vegetarian or with fish or meat), which can be ordered according to various needs such as detox (vegetarian, selected complex carbohydrates), energy rich for athletes (more proteins and complex carbohydrates), or as a light option (without carbohydrates). In addition, you – not us – determine the portion size. Our evening menu consists of a fresh and crunchy buffet, a starter, a soup, a main course, something sweet, and a board of Bregenz Forest cheese.


We do not compromise on enjoyment. And we guarantee that our sommelier will find the right wine for you in our wine cellar. We look forward to seeing you!

Learn more about our different menus here.


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