A healthy sweat

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Sauna – pure relaxation with a holistic effect.

It’s slowly getting colder outside. We bundle up in warmer clothes while, in our thoughts, we might still be clinging just a little to those beautiful, warm, late summer days. For those who crave warmth in the colder time of the year without having to travel to the southern hemisphere, why not try a visit to the sauna? At the Hotel Post Bezau, our bathhouse with a wonderful variety of saunas, steam bath and salt water pool awaits you. The cosmetics manufacturer Ingo Metzler from the Bregenzerwald where Susanne Kaufmann™ products are made, has created relaxing and purifying sauna infusion just for us.


The heat in the sauna has numerous effects on our body. The surface of our skin is heated by up to ten degrees, and our body temperature rises by about two to three degrees. As a consequence, our body begins to activate its defence mechanism, since this increase in warmth is similar to that of a fever. This makes a sauna visit ideal for stimulating the immune system and preventing colds. To supplement this, selected infusion additives can support the effects. At our bathhouse, on Tuesdays you can find the “Wohlfühlaufguß” with stress-reducing melissa and lavender aroma to help you relax and let go. On Thursdays it’s all about detox. The sauna fragrance of rosemary and lemon grass is poured over crushed ice on the sauna stones. The rising, intensive heat causes you to sweat more rapidly and intensely, accelerating the process of flushing out toxins. On Saturdays, you can look forward to the “regeneration infusion” with juniper, mountain pine and thyme.


It’s not just your immune system that is grateful for a visit to the sauna – your skin will thank you too. A warm shower before entering the sauna is the perfect way to prepare your skin for the heat. Whether you wet your hair or leave it dry makes no difference.  For longer hair, you can treat yourself to a hair mask, which you can allow to soak in throughout the entire sauna visit with no further effort required. Thanks to the heat in the sauna, the skin is supplied more intensively with blood and the cell metabolism starts to work about twice as quickly as usual. During your sauna visit, the heavy sweating purifies and detoxifies the skin. This is why our skin intensively absorbs nutrients in particular after spending time in a sauna. After the last sauna session, spoil your skin with nourishing skincare.

Wishing you a healthy winter!

Note: the sauna is not suitable for people with high blood pressure, existing colds, infections or fever, epilepsy, heart problems, or pulmonary or skin diseases. If you have low blood pressure, lie on the lowest bench in the sauna. When sitting, make sure that your legs are not hanging but are planted firmly on the floor.

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