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Radiantly beautiful skin with the right skin care

Cleansing and caring for our facial skin are indispensable for attaining a perfect complexion. Even if we'd sometimes like to side-step it, we really should incorporate facial care into our morning and evening routines. Here are a few tips for putting together your daily care ritual.

All in good time We should take the time to find the care regimen that's right for us. Switching too often or to quickly between products and methods can stress the skin, which then results in irritations or blemishes. But once we find the right products and a suitable routine, the skin will reward us with a youthful vigour, rosy complexion, and smooth blemish-free features.

Morning and evening skin care routines Morning care rituals prepare the skin for the day ahead and the things it will come up against, such as dust and the sun's rays. In the evening, correct skin care effectively gets rid of make-up residue, dead skin, and dirt particles. This in turn prepares the tender facial skin for its regenerative phase: from 6pm onwards the skin's metabolic processes are cranked up. And as they're supplied with more blood at this time, cell damage can be more quickly repaired.

The right facial care: a step-by-step guide No matter which skincare products we're working with, they should complement each other in their combined effect. Even the order in which they're used can be a decisive factor, as this gives the products their maximal impact.

Cleansing The purification of the skin with cleansing milk, cleansing gel, or cleansing foam is a pivotal part of daily facial treatment. Only when the pores have been cleansed are they perfectly primed to receive the nourishing effects of the care products. Soft application of a cleanser promotes the skin's blood circulation; to avoid unnecessary stress to the facial skin with coarse towels or brushes, it's best to use warm water and cleanse the skin by hand.

Toning Toners help remove the last dirt particles and deeply cleanse the pores. Even in this early stage of cleansing, the skin is soothed and supplied with moisture. For best results, put a few splashes onto a cotton pad and purify the skin from the bridge of the nose to the edges of the face.

Serums In contrast to common cremes, serums contain a higher concentration of active ingredients. These give moisture, improve skin structure, or help minimize redness. Due to their richness and high concentration, just a few drops will do for massaging gently into the face or into the neckline area as required.

Daily and nightly care Next up in our routine is a fundamental skin care product: day cream. This is especially important as it not only nourishes but also protects the skin from environmental factors it may come up against during the day. This day cream should be carefully massaged into the skin. This goes especially for the area around the eyes, where the cream should be gently caressed in to avoid unnecessarily straining the skin. Eye creams are specially adjusted for the needs of the delicate skin around the eyes, acting intensively against dryness or stress wrinkles. At night, a richer cream which supports the skin's regenerative processes is recommended.

Masks and peels A mask lavishes the face with deep nourishment while cleansing and giving you a radiant complexion, so should ideally be used several times a week. There's a huge variety of masks with various ingredients. Some stimulate the skin or clear the complexion, while others intensively cleanse or provide moisture. As such, you'll need to discover for yourself which is the right mask for you. But in each case, the skin should be fundamentally cleansed before applying the mask. Meanwhile, if getting rid of dead skin particles and preventing blemishes is what you're after, you should definitely include peels in your cleansing routine. Fine particles or enzymes clear the pores and help the skin to better absorb active ingredients. Peels should be used only as often as is instructed on the product.

From professional facial treatments to your own routine It can be difficult to put together your own care routine, so consultation with a professional often helps find out which products are appropriate for your individual skin type. With this in mind, the Susanne Kaufmann ™ Spa at Hotel Post Bezau is on hand to give you a range of valuable tips. After doing a thorough a skin analysis, the beautician then prepares facial treatments adjusted specifically to your skin type. Through this process you’ll find out exactly what you need to consider when caring for your skin, and which products can help you put this new skincare routine into practice back home.

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