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The retreats at the Hotel Post Bezau make this possible.

Take a break from everyday life, from the hustle and bustle, from your familiar environment. Take time for inward reflection. Allow yourself to completely switch off and let your train of thoughts pass you by. This is precisely what the retreats with us at Hotel Post Bezau are designed for. Our offer ranges from yoga, pilates and fascia training to detox and body & facial rejuvenation. Internationally renowned yoga teachers and trainers, our recognized Hotel Post service and the unique setting in the fabulous natural scenery of the Bregenzerwald make your time-out into something truly special.


By now, the life philosophy from India that establishes harmony between breathing, movement and thoughts is a fixed component of our athletic activity programme. In 2018, we will be offering monthly yoga retreats with various points of focus and teachers:

Kathleen Kloss specialises in holistic bodywork. In the retreats led by her, the yoga teacher and therapist teaches Vinyasa Flow and Kundalini Yoga with meditation and chanting, with the objective of dissolving the stiffness and rigidity in our body, mind and spirit.

Kristin Rübsamen is a well-known name not just as one of the most recognised yoga activists in Germany; she is also known as an author of books full of humour on the topic of yoga. She teaches a yoga style that clears the mind and strengthens the body. This can be done either in a more rapid, dynamic flow, or in a simple, slow-motion tempo.

Claudia Jochum is known for the clear yoga-therapeutical approach in her classes. Powerful and dynamic meets relaxing and meditative. In her retreat, she invites you to connect with yourself with openness, curiosity and self-acceptance.


This whole-body training, named after its founder Joseph Pilates, focuses on strengthening the “powerhouse”, the musculature in the core of the body that wraps around the spine. This is achieved by precisely performed exercises to strengthen the back and upper body musculature as well as the pelvic floor. In the Pilates retreat with Pilates master Patricia Lipburger-Rehm, you can expect two daily training sessions whose intensity will be continuously increased over the course of the retreat. Alongside the classic mat exercises, Patricia also incorporates new concepts and accessories into her lessons: dumbbells, TheraBands, balls and the well-known foam rollers are all put to use. This not only activates the muscles but also works with the connective tissue.

Body rejuvenation

Together with the therapist Sicco Schwenzfeger, Susanne Kaufmann has created a concept for weight and circumference reduction. This is based on the latest findings in lymphology and myofascial therapy. In the body rejuvenation retreat, lymph drainages, massages and body wraps are used to detoxify the body and strengthen the connective tissue. A personally customised movement programme activates the circulation and helps burn fat. With our excellent detox cuisine, you lay the foundation for a healthy, balanced diet.


Treat yourself to a time-out – fortify your health and well-being with a week of detoxification. With our TCM doctors, you work out a treatment and nutrition plan at the start of the retreat, which is implemented by the therapists at the Susanne Kaufmann Spa and you. Thanks to our fantastic TCM detox cuisine, you definitely do not have to miss out on indulgence during this week.

Facial rejuvenation

This retreat focuses on facially rejuvenating acupuncture. Our TCM doctor, Dr Brigitte Klett, has been practising anti-wrinkle acupuncture according to Virginia Doran for decades. This strengthens the muscle tone and the blood circulation in the face, thereby decreasing the manifestation of wrinkles. At the same time, the production of collagen is stimulated. In the course of the treatment, the skin tone, skin moisture and texture are considerably improved. The size of the pores can also be regulated.

Treat yourself to a brief time-out with us here at Hotel Post Bezau in 2018. Find more information on the retreats and dates here.

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