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Here’s how to grow old healthily

As more is researched into sport, nutrition, stress and sleep, scientists are connecting the dots between these disciplines. The impacts on the body are often multi-faceted and closely interlinked. At Hotel Post Bezau we’re fully aware of this, which is why our new retreats bring together each one of these aspects.

Forever young? It may sound obvious, but often it’s those who take the most important findings on board who have the tools to stop the ageing process. The good news is that even if you only start to adjust habits in later life, there’s still plenty you can do to stay as young as possible.

It’s not all in the genes. How quickly and how visibly we age is partly genetically predisposed, but it is totally possible to keep biological ageing at bay. A balanced diet, healthy sleep, and plenty of exercise play a big part in how youthful we look and feel. If we make adjustments to our lifestyle today, this can still have positive repercussions for tomorrow. Even for our personal trainers here at Hotel Post Bezau, it’s not all about building up muscle strength. They work on improving the posture and balance of our guests through precise targeted movements and exercises. All these sessions are also put together with the goal in mind that they can be easily integrated into the everyday, and thus have an important preventative effect over time. Optimal physical and mental fitness are not an elixir for eternal youth, but can noticeably slow down the speed of ageing.

Exercise for life. Getting sufficient and regular exercise doesn’t necessarily mean we all need to become marathon runners or elite athletes. On the contrary, it’s those who find joy in movement - be it through cycling, golfing, swimming, or long walks in nature – who remain more motivated over time than those who over-exert themselves. Exercise boosts the blood circulation, thus reducing the risk of cardiac disorders or high blood pressure, while a stronger immune system means taking fewer sick days. Of course, regular exercise also guards against obesity and metabolic disorders like diabetes. Last but not least, brain performance is also enhanced through increased oxygen supply, meaning that regular exercise improves both physical and mental functionality. The interplay between exertion and relaxation is also important for long-term success. After training sessions, our treatments in the Susanne Kaufmann ™ Spa support muscle regeneration and promote the drainage of toxins from the body.

Staying young with the right nutrition. It’s now a no-brainer that sugar, refined wheat, and alcohol are not the healthiest options out there. If these can be replaced through fresh fruit & vegetables, along with plenty of fish and seafood, then you’re on the right track. This is because there are certain foods which set off inflammation in the body, notably refined sugars, refined flours, and trans-fats. The body expends a lot of energy in staving off these causes of inflammation. One result of this is that it cuts back on the production of collagen – precisely something which is important in maintaining a youthful appearance as we age. This is where antioxidative foods really come into their own. These feature prominently in our detox cuisine, including ingredients such as blueberries, spinach, tomatoes and broccoli. They act as a defence mechanism against free radicals, those aggressive molecules which not only cause inflammations in the body but can also bring about cellular damage – of which skin ageing is a tell-tale sign.

Fit, happy, and stress-free. Another less visible cause of inflammation is stress, which raises cortisol levels, thus reducing the lifespan of cells and destroying that all-important collagen. Powerful plant-based substances called adaptogens act against this. These are roots, herbs or fungi which help protect the cells and thereby inhibit the ageing process. In our Juice Lab, along with a dash of high-quality vegetable oils, adaptogens feature heavily. As a result, our smoothies and juices are not only packed with vitamins and minerals but also actively protect the cells.

Glowing complexion and supple skin. As the years go by, the transport of oxygen and nutrients in the blood starts to decrease, and cell regeneration slows down. Keeping the body hydrated can promote vital physical processes and strengthen metabolic processes, keeping the skin smooth, radiant, and younger-looking. Additionally, the right nutrition preserves the skin’s vitality and suppleness. All this is wonderfully complemented by daily care rituals and natural ingredients such as those found in Susanne Kaufmann ™ product line. This way, the biological clock truly can be slowed down – including the appearance of wrinkles and greyness.

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