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Power walking keeps you moving during your Body Rejuvenation.

“Exercise is healthy!”, so people say. And we say “that’s right!” – it just depends on the dose. In the Body Rejuvenation Concept, developed by Susanne Kaufmann to provide a sustainable reduction in weight and waist size, exercise plays an important role. Walking and power walking are the perfect way to start an exercise routine. During your stay with us at the Hotel Post Bezau, you will learn the correct technique and how to gradually increase the intensity of this exercise.


Power walking is far from just a casual stroll. Although this exercise may seem simple, there is more to it than meets eye. Start with both feet parallel on the ground with your toes pointing forwards. When making a step, place your foot loosely on the ground heel first – your knee should not be fully stretched out – and roll your weight forwards. At the end, push off vigorously with your toes backwards. Meanwhile, your arms should be approximately at 90-degree angles, swinging backwards and forwards. With a little practice, you can use the arm movement to pull yourself forwards. This exercise uses a lot of energy when performed over a long period of time. If you begin to run out of energy, focus on performing the correct step movement, maintaining a straight posture, and decrease your speed. Or, you can simply do the exercise again at another time. At the beginning, you may be tempted to use evasive movements when performing the exercise. This can eventually lead to cramps and can hinder your fitness progress.


When power walking, maintain a speed of at least 7 km/h over several kilometres, or a step frequency of 130 steps per minute. The maximum speed attainable when power walking is limited to around 10 km/h. If you would prefer a faster or more intensive exercise, the next step would be jogging or moving your walking sessions to more difficult terrain. You can also attach weight bands to your ankles and wrists. At the end of a power walking session, targeted extension exercises help to avoid muscle tension – after all, exercise should be enjoyable.

You can find additional details on the Body Rejuvenation Concept here.

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