The power from the centre

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Pilates gives the body strength and flexibility– learn about this effective exercise system by attending our retreat.

Joseph Pilates was arguably somewhat ahead of his time back in the 1920s. He wanted to create a new and effective exercise system for dancers without necessarily reinventing the wheel. Himself a passionate athlete and body artist, he began combining elements of Asian martial arts, yoga and classical gymnastics. Learn about this advanced and world-famous body training technique with us at Hotel Post Bezau.


All Pilates exercises focus on the musculature at the centre of our body. Joseph Pilates gave it the name “Powerhouse”. Only when the back, torso and pelvic muscles are strengthened and activated – i.e. when the body is centred – does posture improve and movements become more supple and coordinated.


When a movement is performed with maximum attention, distracting thoughts don’t stand a chance. Focusing on and controlling the flow of movement also have positive effects on mental balance. The more flowing the movements become, the more balanced the mix of power and flexibility, for a whole new body symmetry.


Joseph Pilates anchored the focus on conscious exhalation in all his exercises. This helps the movements to strengthen the “Powerhouse” and to intensify all of the other muscles involved. A cleansing effect on body and mind is also ascribed to focused exhalation.

Learn about this diverse body training technique on one of our Pilates Retreats with Pilates master Patricia Lipburger-Rehm at Hotel Post Bezau. A five-night stay and 10 Pilates sessions of 90 minutes each for beginners and advanced practitioners is an ideal way to strengthen the Powerhouse. You can find more information here.

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