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Our new series of retreats for 2020 will bring mindfulness and movement into your life for good

Here at Hotel Post Bezau by Susanne Kaufmann we’re determined to help you optimize your health and bring back your inner balance. Our signature retreats offer you time out from the everyday - time just for you. At two new retreats as of January 2020, there’s the opportunity to shift your focus inwards with the internationally known yoga teacher, Gabriela Bozic (Detox & Shine Retreat), or consciously working on your physical fitness with sports scientist Julian Kleinheinz (Health & Fitness Retreat).

Health & Fitness Retreat by Julian Kleinheinz

The goal of this 7-day boot camp at Hotel Post Bezau by Susanne Kaufmann is nothing less than attaining a streamlined, stronger, and more relaxed body. Under the guidance of sports scientist Julian Kleinheinz, this retreat will leave you feeling leaner and full of vital energy. And in the process of improving your physical fitness, you’ll also gain a new mental clarity – further enhanced by the breathtaking mountain backdrop of the Bregenzerwald and its pristine fresh air. As is common in all our retreats, this boot camp is characterized by a combination of a fat-burning fitness programme led by a highly qualified trainer, protein-rich regional cuisine packed with good carbs, and tailor-made treatments at the Susanne Kaufmann Spa.

Detox & Shine Retreat by Gabriela Bozic

It’s widely accepted that yoga can help you reconnect, growing into an even better version of yourself. Here in the Bregenzerwald, everyday life has always been lived in harmony with nature, with a healthy simplicity and high quality permeating all aspects. This all makes it the ideal setting to delve into this exclusively developed yoga concept by Gabriela Bozic.

The focus of the retreat is to establish good habits to best support a life full of health, clarity, and happiness. Over four days, the body is purified through yoga, breathing exercises, and special kriyas (yogic cleansing techniques), and thoroughly nourished with seasonal and vegetarian dishes. Alongside this, meditation sessions will slow the train of thought, while chanting and journaling will bring mental clarity and fresh energy through daily reflection. Gabriela Bozic will accompany you throughout the retreat. A yoga teacher, public speaker, entrepreneur, author and mother, she specialises in the impact and application of yoga in everyday life.

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