Fitness & Health Retreat from 2955€

21 - 28 June 2020

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Fitness & Health Retreat from 2955€

Sport makes you happy. That’s more than cliché, it’s scientific fact: during physical activity, our bodies send out happy hormones like endorphins which help us overcome challenges. We feel confident and ready for anything. Physical movement also literally gets our blood racing, strengthening the blood vessels and regulating blood pressure. By contrast, a lack of movement can lead to the storage of excess food energy, which in the long-term can lead to chronically high blood sugar levels. As the years go by, metabolic disorders such as diabetes are prone to arise. Customized training sessions can help improve glucose transport in the cells, causing the blood sugar levels to drop, and with it the blood pressure.

So sport is much more than just an effective way of losing weight. Activity is essential for kicking off lipometabolism - even in resting mode, muscular individuals burn more calories than couch potatoes. In the medium term, incorrect sitting posture can lead to its own problems when not properly counterbalanced, often only noticed when it becomes difficult to live actively and pain-free. Exercises based on the interplay of tension and relaxation help strengthen the body, particularly the back muscles. Results include a more confident posture, better general fitness, and a new radiance - all complemented by an improved quality of movement. Targeted training nurtures a new perception for one’s own body and its distinctive needs.

This tailor-made retreat combines extensive fitness and nutrition knowledge with individual treatments in the Susanne Kaufmann Spa. Meanwhile, mental training sessions and a well-balanced detox diet support the body’s purification processes and unleash new energies.

The Fitness & Health retreat includes:

  • 7 overnight stays with wholesome local cuisine based on high-quality proteins and detox ingredients: Breakfast, lunch and dinner


Training with Julian Kleinheinz: physical streamlining and strengthening

  • 1x 75 minutes individual sports session with FMS screening, analysis and explanatory talk
  • 5x 60 minutes’ individual sports sessions


Supporting treatments in the Susanne Kaufmann Spa:

  • 1x alkaline bath and related body therapie (80 min)
  • 1x alkaline bath and related body therapie (50min)
  • 2x detox peelings
  • 3x individual therapeutic treatments


Participation in the acitivity program such as:

  • Qi Gong, Nature Walking, Breathing exercises
  • sauna infusions
  • jogging
  • alkaline body peeling
  • Measurement by the body fat analysis scale
Cost for the 1st person / 2nd person / 7 nights / Arrival on Sun
Single Rooms 2955 € -
Double Room Westhouse 3165 € 2955 €
Premium Double Rooms Mainhouse 31565 € 2955 €
Samina Detox Sleep Room 3340 € 3130 €
Junior Suites 3375 € 3165 €
Deluxe Double Room 3375 € 3165 €
Suite 3650 € 3440 €