Body Shaping Retreat

The body shaping retreat forms the basis for a sustainable reduction in weight and body size, detoxification, improvement of the connective tissue as well as a rejuvenation of the entire body.

Body Shaping


To a large extent, our lifestyle determines our body shape and how it functions. This is where the new body shaping concept comes in. Scientific discoveries in the fields of lymphology, myofascial therapy and nutrition are applied to show visible results within a few days. Book Retreat

Lymphatic and fascial therapies

Sicco Schwenzfeger

The effective Body Shaping developed by Susanne Kaufmann and therapist Sicco Schwenzfeger is based on the latest scientific discoveries in the fields of lymphology and myofascial therapy. Sicco Schwenzfeger is a masseur with special training in lymphatic and fascial therapies.

Activation and firmiing


The treatments developed exclusively for the Susanne Kaufmann Spa work on three levels: Activation and breakdown of fat cells, removal of tissue fluids that consist of fat and toxins and tightening of the connective tissue. The treatments reduce cellulite and prevent weakness in the connective tissue.

Susanne Kaufmann Cosmetics


The signs of connective tissue weakness are particularly visible on the arms, legs and upper body. Susanne Kaufmann™ has now added two tightening body care products to her highly effective Anti-Aging series: The rich Anti-Aging body cream and the intensively firming Anti-Aging serum.

Special nutrition concept


A special nutrition concept, which successfully fights against excess weight and metabolic disorders, accompanies you during the treatment. The transition to a low glycaemic, alkaline-rich diet helps to control the body’s insulin level, stimulate the metabolism and break down fat.