Holistic Beauty for at home

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Sustainably improve your skin appearance with our Beauty Cure for at home.

Ever since the launch of our new hotel concept in 2019, the idea of natural beauty has been a cornerstone for us. Our holistic approach to beauty is based on a variety of complementary and mutually reinforcing factors. The Holistic Beauty Retreat is the result of many years of work and intensive research into all the factors which our skin beautiful. You can now experience Holistic Beauty from your own home thanks to our bespoke 3-, 5- or 7-day regimen.

A great deal of knowledge for body, mind and soul The Holistic Beauty Retreat brings into focus all the elements that contribute to all-round beauty. That includes, of course, both inner and outer aspects, both body and mind. This Holistic Beauty Retreat arose from our holistic approach, based on the deep knowledge of our in-house experts.

Susanne Kaufmann with her eponymous cosmetics line brings huge skin care expertise, while Stephanie Rist has vast knowledge of application techniques. The many inspirations and impressions they’ve collected together over the last 13 years perfectly rounds off the Holistic Beauty concept. Today’s Holistic Beauty Retreat covers a range of key elements, from correct skin care to targeted exercise, and from the right nutrition to hand-made essences. As part of the home regimen, you receive a complete package comprising special food items, a selection of chosen Susanne KaufmannTM skin care products, and a beauty essence: the Aqua Rosa. These all have positive impacts on skin moisture, something which is especially important for our beauty.

Here’s what a typical Holistic Beauty day looks like:

Mornings: Juicing and rice congee, with a little pear puree as preferred

Midday: Soup, and your second juicing

Afternoons: Beauty Boost Shot with Aloe Vera and blueberries

Evenings: Soup, and your third juicing

Aqua Rosa Beauty Essence, 15 drops in a quarter glass of water (more on this later)

Susanne KaufmannTM Nutrient Concentrate applied to face, neck and décolleté, before application of Susanne KaufmannTM moisturising mask to work in overnight (more on this later).

All day: Susanne KaufmannTM Acid Alkalizing Tea – one bag per pot, and plenty of water, preferably still.

Purifying foods In order to regulate impurities and help the body functions perform optimally, nutrition plays a crucial role. It affects our acid-alkali balance, which in turn influences our beauty. At Hotel Post Bezau, many of our dishes are based on the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). During the home regimen, this knowledge plays an equally important role: you receive a complete package with all the crucial healthy nutrients you need for each day. Targeted nutrition ensures our skin is supplied with all the hydration it needs. This includes pear puree and various juicings, as well as our Beauty Boost Shot with Aloe Vera and the superfood, blueberries. The positive effects of rice congee are well documented in TCM; it supports the purification of your digestive system and organs – processes no less important for beautiful skin. In fact, the intestine has numerous functions, from hormone production to disease defense, as well as making a significant contribution to balanced skin appearance. This is why we pay it special attention as part of the Holistic Beauty Retreat.

Selected skin care Specially selected products from the Susanne KaufmannTM sustainable cosmetics line support the regenerative processes of the skin during the retreat and the home regimen, giving it back its natural beauty. The natural ingredients of these cosmetics are as effective as they are sustainable, playing an important role in building up moisture. Before bedtime, cleanse your face, neck and décolleté, then apply Susanne KaufmannTM skin smoothing Nutrient Concentrate to all cleansed areas, including around the eyes. Finally, apply the Susanne KaufmannTM Moisturizing Mask in a thin layer. Leave it on overnight. Repeat the application every evening of the Holistic Beauty Retreat. These products help your skin reach its optimal level of moisture.

Aqua Rosa: the rose as a symbol of beauty The perception of beauty is closely linked to the energy, freshness and luminosity of the skin. An integral part of our Holistic Beauty Retreat is therefore Aqua Rosa - a drinkable essence that was developed exclusively for Hotel Post Bezau by the local manufacturer Helden in Grün. Of course, we couldn’t possibly do without our Aqua Rosa as part of the Holistic Beauty home regimen. It is elaborately produced right here in the Bregenzerwald, based on ancient alchemical processes. One of the key main ingredients of the essence is - as the name implies - the rose, the ultimate symbol of love and beauty. This beauty essence helps the body find its inner balance. It has a cooling effect on the body and promotes the glow of your skin from within. Every evening during the home regimen, add 15 drops of Aqua Rosa per quarter glass of water.

Targeted exercise Everyone knows that exercise keeps our bodies young and fit. But the fact that it’s also essential for our facial skin is still something of a beauty secret. There are more than 50 muscles in your face, neck and décolleté. Precisely these important muscles are targeted by Face Yoga, something Stephanie Rist has now been working on for a number of years. Face Yoga stimulates the skin's metabolism and supports the production of important components like elastin and collagen. Stay tuned – you’ll soon be able to book live Face Yoga sessions with Stephanie Rist.

During your cure, make time for some light targeted exercise sessions. This could be in the form of a gentle walk, a yoga session, a jog or whatever makes you happy. The important thing is that you integrate exercise into your daily routine during the regimen and, afterwards, several times a week. This will kick-start your body’s processes, improve skin circulation and support your organs in their detoxification.

Individual support Our holistic approach requires plenty of expertise - and thankfully we have it all in-house! Take advantage of this knowledge, even from home, because especially during a regimen many questions can arise: How can I integrate this healthy regimen into my everyday life? When can I eat something extra? For one-on-one consultations, our expert Nadine is there for you, as she has been for countless retreat guests over the years. You’ll find out how it really is possible to shine, inside and out.

Discover our Holistic Beauty cure for at home here

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