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What the skin needs in winter.

The days are getting shorter, the sun prefers to remain hidden behind the clouds and the sinking temperatures put a strain on our entire organism. In particular, our skin is very exposed during the changing seasons. We should protect it from extreme weather and the dry air from heating systems as best we can, with the right care and products.

Wrap up

When the temperatures drop, we like to bundle up in several layers of clothing. This principle is also ideal when it comes to skincare: A serum as the foundation, for example the Nutrient Concentrate skin smoothing from Susanne Kaufmann™; on top of this, the right cream (e.g.: Day Cream Line T or for demanding skin, the Day Cream Line A ). For very cold temperatures, skiing or other outdoor activities in winter, the rich Cold Cream is ideal as it provides excellent protection against the cold.


In winter, the atmospheric humidity drops enormously – combined with the bitter cold, this speeds up the rate at which our skin dries out. Since there is less water in the air, our skin starts to release more moisture, but dries out in the process and begins to tighten uncomfortably. After a long winter’s day in the fresh air, we recommend our Moisturizing Mask; it pampers the skin with a generous amount of nutrients and moisture, helping the protective function of the skin to remain intact.


Dry air or even air from heating systems can worsen skin conditions such as neurodermatitis or eczema. The Evening Primrose ointment soothing from Susanne Kaufmann™ contains valuable extracts from the medicinal herbs cardiospermum halicacabum and pure evening primrose oil. The rich ointment leaves a protective, healing and soothing film on the damaged skin, allowing it to recover in the meantime.

Susanne´s tip: Make sure to drink plenty in the cold time of year – for example, lots of warm tea. This will give you a glowing complexion and warm your body from the inside. The Immune Tea from Susanne Kaufmann™ strengthens your immune system with chamomile and elderflower, melissa leaves, rooibos tea and Gunpowder Green Tea.

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