Treading lightly through late summer

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Susanne Kaufmann™ care ritual for legs and feet.

While barefoot temperatures still prevail, and we can’t wait to slip into sandals, wedges or flip-flops. To ensure that we can still wander through the city, stroll along the beach or flit light-footedly from the deckchair to the pool, our legs and feet deserve an extra dose of care. Susanne Kaufmann lets us in on her summer care ritual for beautiful summer feet.

Kneipp therapy

The good old ritual of “water treading” stimulates the circulation and promotes blood flow in the legs. At the same time, it also strengthens veins and helps prevent varicose veins. For those who don’t have a rural stream or Kneipp pool just around the corner, this can be done just as easily at home in the bathtub. Fill the bathtub with cold water to slightly below the hollows of the knees and do the “stork walk” in circles around the bathtub. Allow about 10 minutes for this activity. Afterwards, rub the water off your legs using your hands, put on some warm socks and then simply walk some more around your apartment, house or garden. Tip: Kneipp therapy also helps after a stressful day, and promotes peaceful sleep!


A gentle footbath with water that is not too hot (38°C) is the perfect way to prepare your feet for a pedicure. The deacidifying alkaline salt is doubly suited for this: As a bath additive and a peeling treatment. This helps the skin to deacidify and promotes the elimination of waste products. In particular, skin that tends to be dry and flaky receives intensive care. Enjoy your footbath sitting on the edge of the bathtub or in the classic bucket, which of course can be positioned anywhere. Rest your feet in the water for about 10 minutes and then pamper them with a quick massage. To do so, simply rub about a teaspoon of the alkaline salt onto your foot. Let it soak in briefly, then wash your foot off and gently dry it with a towel. Tip: The cooling leg and vein spray revives tired legs. Yarrow, marigold, dandelion, horse chestnut and menthol have a cooling, invigorating effect. Especially in summer, it is ideal for hot feet or feet that tend to swell.

Foot care

After gently filing your nails into shape, indulge your feet using the cooling foot cream. Your nails will thank you for the extra attention with the nourishing nail oil. Beeswax, lavender oil and vitamin E oil vitalise the stressed skin around the nails and the nail surface. Tip: Gently massage the nail oil into the nails and cuticles. This keeps the nails and cuticles elastic and reduces the keratinization and chapping of the skin around the nails.

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