Departure and Return.

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Why is the Bregenz Forest so well-known not only for nature but also for its cultural diversity?

The departure and return of its inhabitants has made the Bregenz Forest what it is today, a breeding ground for new ideas that emerge from well-kept tradition and creative inspiration to ultimately benefit everyone involved. With this fundamental basis, the Bregenz Forest has already produced many great ideas. Critical thinking and questioning come in September (FAQ Bregenzerwald, September 6–9, 2018) and design and craftsmanship come in October (Handwerk+Form 2018, October 13–14 and 18–21, 2018 ). These are the focus of our region’s cultural events.

Bregenzerwald FAQ. In the third edition of the Bregenzerwald Frequently Asked Questions, we address questions about the nature of the event and the culinary acclaim. But instead of an answer, we provide suggestions, impulses, and inspirations. This is facilitated by moderated discussions and lectures with speakers from business, design, craft, media, philosophy, and performing and visual arts, who are either from the region, neighboring regions, or from very far away. “Courage and optimism are guarantors of progress and the realization of potential,” says the initiator team, run by Martin Fetz. Right now, inspiration for solutions to questions like “Do we have to talk?”, “Is everything alright?”, “Do I still need it?”, or “Does this belong?” are more important than ever. Among other things, author Michael Köhlmeier, entrepreneur Heini Staudinger, investment banker Alois Flatz, author Doris Knecht, philosopher Robert Pfaller, actress Maria Hofstätter, ex-politician and Green Party veteran Heide Schmidt, and Bregenz Forest resident and farmer Kaspanaze Simma share their thoughts, knowledge, and opinions. An impressive selection of kitchen artists such as Milena Broger, Philip Rachinger, Jodok Dietrich, Lukas Mraz, Felix Schellhorn, and Johannes Bischof (Der Jogi) will provide culinary insight. Complemented with music performances from DEPART, Schmieds Puls, Mira Lu Kovacs, Grandbrothers, the event finishes out with Mynth.

Handwerk+Form 2018. Craftsmanship has been a tradition and an excellent reputation of the Bregenz Forest for centuries. From the baroque master builders who traveled to Italy and came back inspired to the craft guilds, which at that time already operated a cross-border knowledge and talent exchange. More than 20 years ago, the craft guilds in Andelsbuch encouraged competition with an exhibition tour. Since the year 2000, the Handwerk+Form competition is held every three years with the intention of promoting cooperation between craftspeople and designers. Meanwhile, Handwerk+Form has become a magnet for lovers of beautiful things and excellent craftsmanship. Exhibitions of all types can be experienced with a short walk through the event. These exhibitions are shown in former or current workshops and impeccably restored houses in Andelsbuch.

Since 2013, craftsmanship has its own house in Andelsbuch – the Werkraumhaus (workroom house) – which is an exhibition area, conference venue, and showroom in one. For all those who cannot make it to Handwerk+Form, there is the opportunity throughout the year to experience the craftsmanship and design of the region yourself.

The Hotel Post Bezau is just 15 minutes from Andelsbuch by car or a short bus ride. Why not spend your vacation with inspiration and many indulgences?


Foto Werkraum Bregenzerwald (c) FAQ Bregenzerwald/Darko Todorovic

Foto Speaker (c) FAQ Bregenzerwald/unknown

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