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Detox: from the inside out

The concept of “detoxing” has become something of a buzzword in recent years. Whether special diets which purify or juices which purge, it’s all the rage. The reason the body needs such detoxification is because of the impact of stress, unbalanced diets, and various environmental factors. This can disrupt the functioning of the cells and organs such as the liver, gall bladder, stomach and intestines. The consequences can be wide-ranging: we feel sluggish and lacking in energy, the skin looks pale, the immune system weakened. That’s where a detox kick-start can really help – especially in the post-Christmas period. Here are a few of our top tips to point you in the right direction.

Why do a detox? In order for the cells in our body to work to their full potential, they need to be regularly repaired. Nutritional components are broken down so we can make use of the resulting energy. However, as a side effect this also produces certain waste products: urea and carbon dioxide. If these get into the bloodstream, it can be damaging. On top of this, destructive molecules called free radicals also arise through cell processes. Toxins like these are eliminated by the liver and the gastrointestinal tract, but if the liver, intestines, gall bladder and kidneys have reached their full capacity the toxins are stored in fat and bodily tissues. During a detox, the body starts to use its fat reserves on around the fourth day; toxins are then discharged and can be carried away.

Support the body’s own detoxing mechanisms The good news is that the body can already regenerate itself to a large extent without expensive compounds or special diets. However, there’s a few things you can do to help this natural detoxing system on its way. If you don’t necessarily want to totally transform your diet, a few days’ detox regime could be a worthwhile consideration. It’s not uncommon to feel certain side effects during this process, such as dizziness, nausea, blemished skin, or digestive problems. Therefore, you should wait for just the right time to undergo a detox. Foot baths or full body baths can help the process along; Susanne Kaufmann ™ Alkali Salts promote the drainage of waste products and help the skin to deacidify. And as the strongest detoxification takes place through the feet, these are also ideal for use in a foot bath. For this, a spoonful of Alkali Salts will do, in a foot bath filled with water at around 37 degrees Celsius.

Water and tea: time-honoured detoxifiers Detox days feature mostly fruit and vegetables – they’re rich in vitamins and minerals, and largely made up of water. When the body is thus plentifully supplied, it can more efficiently excrete toxins via the urine or sweat. Men should generally drink around 3.7 litres of water a day, with women making do with a litre less. The required amounts of water actually vary depending on physical activity, the food eaten, and the time of year.  As well as water, tea is also a great source of liquid. Susanne Kaufmann ™ Acid Alkalizing Tea, for example, simultaneously helps regenerate the stomach, intestines, liver, gall bladder, and kidneys. It helps the body rediscover its acid-alkaline balance levels. One teabag per teapot left for three minutes should do the trick.

Purifying foods put a new spring in your step Animal proteins hyperacidify the body. On top of this, dairy products, meat, fish and eggs are increasingly making headlines due to a high prevalence of antibiotics, heavy metals or dioxins. So if the goal is to rid the body of potentially damaging toxins, minimizing the intake of animal proteins is a good place to start. Purifying organic fruits and vegetables can be a huge help here, whether cooked or made into smoothies. This goes especially for antioxidant-rich foods: berries, nuts, cocoa, herbs, as well as green tea, help protect the cells from free radicals by neutralising the harmful molecules. Industrially processed foodstuffs, white flour and sugar should be mostly given up - in the long run, these damage the organs which are crucial for detoxifying the body. We should also keep our salt consumption in check – overconsumption of salt can cause the body to retain water and mean it can no longer carry toxins away.

Detox while you Sleep During the night, the body’s natural detoxification processes are turned up to the max. Harmful waste products collected over the course of the day are transported out of the body. This means that how much and how well we sleep can have a direct influence on the body’s regenerative processes. Hence the standard recommendations of seven to eight hours’ sleep a night should be taken on board.

Purify the body through exercise Around 150 to 300 minutes of moderate exercise per week are enough to reduce inflammations which can arise in the body and adversely affect its regeneration processes. For this reason, physical exercise is an essential component of the specially developed Detox Retreats at Hotel Post Bezau. Along with the appropriate nutrition, a balanced sleep, and detoxification treatments in the Susanne Kaufmann ™ Spa, the Detox Retreats give the body a new spring in its step - ideal for an energy-boosting start to the new year.

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