Healthy Yet Delicious

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Our new food concept is exciting on so many levels.

We are all about promoting a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. And that’s why we’ve narrowed down our focus here at the Hotel Post Bezau by Susanne Kaufmann even further now that we’ve updated our hotel concept. Our new approach to food supports this growing awareness, while catering to all the various modern eating habits and preferences.


Holistic. One key aspect of our new hotel concept is our cuisine. We have a number of approaches to food, which we have updated based on our very own principles: local and seasonal produce makes its way to our kitchen straight from the farm in line with the farm to table concept. When preparing meat dishes, we strictly follow the “nose-to-tail” approach and find a use for all edible parts of the animal. Ingredients are mainly sourced from the local area, with 80% of food coming from within a 100-km radius, so we can avoid long delivery routes. Going forward, our guests will also be choosing their evening meal in the morning to allow for more effective planning in the kitchen. This will help us minimize food waste at the Hotel Post Bezau by Susanne Kaufmann, with a view to hopefully avoiding it altogether in the near future.


Healthy. We have come up with three menu categories based on our retreats to reinforce their objectives. First of all, we have Irma’s Signature Cuisine that features fresh interpretations of traditional dishes based around seasonal ingredients. The inspiration here comes from Irma Natter, Susanne Kaufmann’s grandmother, who had a huge influence on the kitchen at the Hotel Post. Our second option is our famous Detox Cuisine. These dishes are served on the basis of traditional Chinese medicine to maximize the purification and detoxification of the body during our retreats. Detox Chef Jan Vondruska follows a basic structure here, avoiding dairy products, meat, and fish in his creations. In addition, all ingredients are free of colorants, artificial flavors and aromas, and preservatives. Our third option caters to the requirements of anyone looking to manage their weight. The focus is on low-calorie choices that stimulate the metabolism and harmonize blood sugar levels, thereby helping to break down fat effectively.


Delicious. We are confident that our new food concept is, first and foremost, absolutely delicious as well as being holistic and healthy. You also have the option of watching our chefs in action and asking questions during our food workshops so you can learn more about healthy and delicious nutrition. This way, the positive effects of your retreat can continue even once you are back home.


We look forward to meeting you or welcoming you back to Bezau!


Learn more about our gourmet menus here.

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