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Effectively reduce cellulite with lymph drainage.

Summer is just around the corner. Sun, warm weather, light clothes and high spirits. Yet you frequently find yourself panicking in front of the mirror in your bathroom at home. Small bumps have appeared on your upper arms, stomach, hips, bottom and thighs. You come to the conclusion that it’s cellulite and start massaging and applying cream to the whole area. In order to effectively combat cellulite, however, you need patience above all as well as a few professional tips from the therapists at the Susanne Kaufmann Spa on how you can visibly smooth out your skin.


Cellulite mostly appears in women's subcutaneous fatty tissue. Water is deposited in the tissue between the strands of collagen and this forms small dimples. These then block the lymph and therefore prevent the removal of water and toxins from the connective tissue. However, cellulite is not an illness and can be greatly reduced with the help of massages, exercise and healthy nutrition. Any additional cremes and gels that are applied may help to regain elasticity in the epidermis. The use of cremes alone, however, has yet to cause cellulite to disappear. One proven method to reduce cellulite is the well-known method of lymph drainage.


Manual lymphatic drainage should always be performed by a trained massage therapist, as it not only the affected areas that are treated to activate the body’s lymph circulation but instead the whole lymph system is activated. By gently applying pressure and smoothing the skin out, the lymph nodes in the groin area are opened and then the lymphatic pathways in the cellulite zones are loosened. The water buildup that has been released is then removed via the kidneys.

In order to prevent cellulite from forming again in the long term, a combination of sufficient light exercise, healthy nutrition and regular massage treatments are necessary. The Body Rejuvenation Concept at Hotel Post Bezau provides you with a strong basis for a renewed sense of well-being.

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