Gathering strength for winter

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How to properly strengthen your body and skin with the help of TCM in the transitional period.

Autumn has arrived. The seasons are changing, as the high-energy summer with its strong yang side transitions into autumn, characterised by its tender, peaceful yin quality. Nature’s energy is visibly diminishing: The leaves on the trees are becoming more colourful and the temperature crisp. And we humans are also slowing down and, consciously or unconsciously, turning our focus inwards. It is a time for gathering energy. Here are three tips from our therapist and doctors in the Susanne Kaufmann Spa that will help you to gather valuable strength for winter.

#1 Strengthening movement

The basis for a strengthened immune system is movement. Here, it is not the intensity that counts, but rather how regularly you exercise. A daily walk in the fresh air is a good way of providing your body with an extra oxygen. By doing so, from the TCM perspective you are strengthening your lungs, which is essential for the body’s immune strength. Traditions such as yoga or Qigong, which unite breath and movement, are also excellent for gathering strength for the colder time of year. Supplementary sauna visits warm you up and also help detoxify the body.

#2 Nourishing care

In the tradition of TCM, our skin is directly connected to the lungs by means of energy channels, meaning that it significantly affects our immune system. Particularly when it starts to get colder, the dry air can bother us in many ways. Mucous membranes dry out and make us more susceptible to colds. In addition, the skin may react to the low moisture levels with wrinkles caused by dryness or sensitive, irritated spots. So in autumn, switch to a more nourishing care that suits your skin type, and in this way help your skin to preserve its balance. Detoxifying baths and peelings are an optimal way to prepare your skin for this nourishing extra care. Oil baths and body oils help the skin and body to gather strength in various ways and simultaneously restore balance to spirit and soul.

#3 Warming food

Spicy, warm dishes and spices are ideal for providing the body with additional strengthening warmth. They stimulate the lung energy and the circulation of the vital Qi energy. Chilli, ginger, turmeric or natural curry mixes and soups and the famous rice congee are all ways to introduce more warmth and give strength.

Tip: At the Hotel Post Bezau, you can expect a comprehensive immune booster package that will strengthen you for the cold time of year. Body treatments in line with TCM, movement activities and a delightful detox cuisine in the TCM tradition. You can find further details here.

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