Beauty essence from the Bregenzerwald: Aqua Rosa

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True beauty comes from within

Here at Hotel Post Bezau we’re focusing more than ever on the holistic wellbeing of our guests, and on a concept of true beauty based just as much on a healthy mind as a healthy body. Individual care rituals help make the skin truly shine, while the highly effective care products from the Susanne Kaufmann ™ cosmetic line give the skin back its energy and freshness. In fact, our Holistic Beauty Retreat is focussed entirely on the needs of our skin. This is what first brought about our cooperation with the “Helden in Grün” brand.

The importance of the skin As a human’s largest organ, the skin has a significant influence on our whole organism, as well as the other way around: when we’re healthy and feel good on the inside, our skin is rosy and pure on the outside too. Conversely, when our energy reserves are at rock bottom or we’re fighting illnesses, our skin reflects that too. For those who come on the Holistic Beauty Retreat, they learn in three to seven days how conscious nutrition, the right care rituals, and physical exercise, really can make the skin shine. This process is now also supported by a drinkable essence produced by “Helden in Grün” with the team of Hotel Post Bezau by Susanne Kaufmann.

A beauty essence from the Bregenzerwald We’ve been thinking for a while how we could further intensify our Holistic Beauty Retreat. It’s always important for us to stay true to the knowledge and the treasures of the Bregenzerwald region; after all, these are our roots. With the beauty essence from “Helden in Grün”, we’ve found the perfect match. The essences are developed and produced in the Bregenzerwald according to time-honoured traditions. Fittingly where it comes to beauty, roses – the queen of the flowers and the bringer of love – is an important main component of the new drinkable beauty essence. Incorporated into the beauty retreat, this stimulates the skin through its effects on the body: as the skin is intricately connected to the workings of the organs, the essence helps the body rediscover its inner balance, which is then reflected in our outer beauty.

The essences are elaborately produced according to age-old knowledge and recipes handed down from the alchemists. The various stages of the production process take weeks, and in some cases months. The herbs and spices within are reduced to their foundational elements and thereby have such deep effects on the body. Elisabeth Breidenbrücker, founder of Helden in Grün, chooses the ingredients by hand, one-by-one. If there’s anything that doesn’t grow in her own Bregenzerwald herb garden, she seeks it out elsewhere – according to the strictest quality criteria. The origin of the individual plants and herbs is also decisive in its eventual effect on the body: alpine plants, for example, have particularly strong effects when they grow in their natural surroundings in the alps. Naturally, at Hotel Post Bezau we found that Helden in Grün’s holistic approach chimed perfectly with our own values and philosophy.

A European-style TCM This cooperation with Helden in Grün is especially meaningful to us, as this kind of European natural healing is a perfect complement to Chinese TCM teachings – one of the cornerstones of our holistic approach at Hotel Post Bezau. The theoretical and practical approaches of both western and eastern teachings are about making use of the treasures presented by nature. Harmony between body, mind, and soul is the overarching goal. For this, exercise, nutrition and personal lifestyles have to be brought in line. Inner balance then makes us shine on the outside. The essences, produced according to alchemical knowledge, help us rediscover this harmony. The beauty essence developed exclusively for Hotel Post Bezau, is the perfect complement for our Holistic Beauty Retreat, and for the overall wellbeing of body and mind.


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