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4 tips for beautifully manicured hands.

The hands tell stories: about our age, our activities, our life. We use them to feel, to gesticulate, to communicate. We give people our hands in greeting and show affection through gentle touches or embraces. These are all good reasons for treating our hands with a regular pampering session.

#1 Peeling

A gentle peeling purifies the skin, eliminates dead skin flakes and opens up the pores for active ingredients. The alkaline salt by Susanne Kaufmann™ cleanses the skin in a gentle manner and stimulates the detox process. The crystals also work as abrasives and gently dissolve during application. What remains is a wonderfully soft skin sensation. Treat your hands to a brief massage once a month.

#2 Manicure

For well-maintained hands, the right manicure is essential. Discreetly filed fingernails have a classic effect and are fit for every occasion. When filing, make sure you only file in one direction so that the nail does not become ragged. If a nail breaks off, avoid biting it and instead reach for a pair of scissors. Biting the nail destroys the tough layers of skin on the nail and makes it flaky. Use our nail oil to strengthen the nail and care for the delicate skin around the nails. And when it comes to nail polish, less is more: delicate rosé tones make women’s hands look particularly attractive.

#3 Massage

Take advantage of your usual hand cream routine to indulge in a short, deliberate hand massage. Start at the base of the hand and use small, circular pressing motions to move across the ball of the thumb to the fingers. Massage each finger, breathing deeply in and out as you do so. For this quick time-out, the hand lotion by Susanne Kaufmann™ is ideal. It provides long-lasting nourishment and soaks in quickly. And especially when travelling, it is a practical add-on. Tired and worn out hands receive intensive care thanks to the active ingredients of mallow and witch hazel in the nourishing hand cream.

#4 Hand bath

Next time you wash your hands, why not turn it into a short hand bath? The hand soap by Susanne Kaufmann™ turns even the quickest of hand washes into a brief time-out. Wheat germ oil, aloe vera and horsetail extract provide the hands with long-lasting moisture and ensure they do not dry out even with frequent washing. With these wonderful nourishing tips, you will literally be in good hands.

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