Beauty sleep really does exist!

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Sleep soundly with these simple tips

Even if the body seems to totally at rest during the night, it’s actually very busy and engaged in essential recovery work. While we sleep – and we spend at least a third of our lives doing so – all-important regeneration, metabolic and detoxification processes are taking place. This makes it an indispensable aspect of a healthy life, and too little sleep can have a variety of negative repercussions. Pale, dry skin, as well as eye circles, are both tell-tale signs of insufficient slumber, while disturbed sleep patterns can even lead to weight gains. And if our nightly repair and growth mechanisms are thrown out of line for too long, the skin becomes thinner. This is because it’s especially during deep sleep phases that the body secretes growth hormones which promote cell growth. If the concentration of this hormone decreases, wrinkles will appear more quickly.

What’s the right amount of sleep? Everyone has varying sleep needs, but it’s generally accepted that between 7 and 8 hours a night are sufficient. Nevertheless, some people even need ten hours to feel at the top of their game. It’s important for everyone to find out what’s right for them, but as a general rule: the longer the sleep and the better the sleep quality, the better the body can fulfil its nightly repair and detoxification tasks.

What can we do to promote a healthy sleep? There are a few things you can do to foster better sleep and prevent problems in falling asleep or sleeping too lightly. First and foremost, it’s about creating a calm environment for sleep, ideally a place that’s as dark as possible, well ventilated, and fairly cool in temperature. Meanwhile, a relaxing book, a nice conversation, or a light film can help take your mind off any problems or thoughts which might prevent you falling asleep. And although physical activity promotes a healthy sleep, if intense exercise takes place too late in the day, it can be difficult to bring the activated physical body to a restful state.

Ritualised beauty sleep Regularity helps with both falling asleep and sleep quality, so as far as possible it’s best to go to bed at the same time each night. It’s also important to keep an eye on dinner times: it’s best to have your last meal of the day at least three hours before sleeping. As for drinking, as of 5pm it’s better to switch to water or teas and avoid caffeinated drinks. Nightly rituals are also important, such as a calming warm bath, a relaxing footbath, or a hot-water bottle. In each of our rooms at Hotel Post Bezau you’ll find Susanne Kaufmann ™ Alkali Salts for a nightly footbath, while the Susanne Kaufmann ™ Pillow Spray brings the soothing scents of lavender into the bedroom.

Support a restful sleep Everyone has their own favourite sleeping position, so mattresses and pillows should be especially sought which meet these individual preferences. When the body is ideally supported in the night, it can carry out its repair and detoxification processes to full capacity. At Hotel Post Bezau our guests have the option of staying in one of our Samina rooms. The Samina sleep system has been specially developed with the best possible regeneration of the physical body in mind. And, in the Samina Pillow Bar guests can find that perfect pillow which optimally supports their head and neck while boosting these regenerative processes.

True beauty sleep Although it would be so nice to just lie in bed, shut your eyes and fall asleep, make-up has to come off beforehand! If the skin is not cleansed before going to bed, there’s a danger that the pores will block up and the sebum flow disturbed – with spotty and impure skin the result. A cleansing gel or milk, adapted to your skin type, can reliably remove make-up, dirt particles and excess sebum, and a tonic can refresh and invigorate. Nightly cleansing rituals – and the use of a quality skin cleanser – are so important because the skin is so much more receptive during the night as in the daytime. The additional nightly use of a serum - whether with smoothing, clearing or firming properties - gives the skin a further beauty boost.

These tips can lead to a daily beauty sleep which gifts you shiny healthy skin and a radiant complexion. Sleep can truly have a positive effect on physical health. Problems in falling and staying asleep can be reduced or prevented entirely, leaving the body properly rested and full of energy: the perfect anti-aging therapy.



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