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Why a yoga retreat is for everyone

Time is tight for us all nowadays, the calendar bursting with commitments. A few days’ beach trip or city break are supposed to help us recharge, but those same old feelings can quickly come back: stress, pressure, and a general discontentment. Things are different with a yoga retreat, and there are many reasons why everyone should have such an experience at least once.

Not just any retreat Quick disclaimer here: there’s an enormous abundance of yoga retreats out there, and Austria is no different. And the choice is made no easier by the sheer variety of yoga styles: a quick search for yoga retreats throws up sporty options, spiritual retreats, and everything in between. But it’s important to shop around to recognise the different options and focus points, to ensure your precious holiday time is maximised and totally fits your own needs.

Sport, yoga, hiking… on holiday? Generally speaking, at least three or, preferably, five days should be factored in for a yoga retreat. And yes, it really is worth spending a holiday on such a retreat - complemented by sport sessions or gentle walks. This is because a retreat should be exactly as the word suggests: somewhere which is tailor-made for downtime, where we can simply be ourselves. A place where individual needs are paramount, without compromises with others. Coming out of our routine and comfort zone and into a retreat environment enables the discovery of new vigour, relaxation, and inner clarity.

A yoga holiday brings body, mind, and soul into balance There’s a plethora of reasons why people might choose to go on a yoga retreat. While some want to really go deeper into their yoga practice, others are merely curious or take it as an occasion to reassess their usual habits and lifestyle. No matter for which reason you come, yoga, meditation, breathing, and exercise bring a new balance to body, mind, and soul. In doing so, we can better understand our own bodies and find out who we really are. A yoga retreat is by turns refreshing, restorative, and inspiring. Twice daily yoga sessions not only increase strength and flexibility, but also purify the mind and the emotions. You may find yourself returning home having learned new skills and developed new interests; these days of self-reflection make this possible. What’s more, retreat locations are frequently set in beautiful natural surroundings, which can certainly help find the answers to any lingering questions.

Coming back to yourself In principle, keeping to a strict daily schedule on a retreat is optional. After all, a yoga holiday is still a holiday. During this exclusive time of self-reflection, it’s important for each to go their own way; the overarching goal is to forge a long-lasting connection with the inner self. This sense of freedom is important at Hotel Post Bezau by Susanne Kaufmann. It should be noted that good nutrition, meditation, and the various yoga classes are best seen in combination. Hence on our retreats, the detox cuisine, treatments at the Susanne Kaufmann Spa, and the various workshops, all go hand in hand.

The detoxing and healing power of yoga The presence of toxins in the body can lead to a marked drop in energy levels. During yoga sessions, the breathing techniques and particularly asanas involving twists promote a detoxification. Along with this, high-quality mostly vegetarian and organic foods support this cleansing process from the inside out. At Hotel Post Bezau, a finely balanced diet is an important part of our holistic approach. Various asanas are effective against stress, as they inhibit the release of cortisol, the stress hormone. Meanwhile, relaxation and regeneration during yoga retreats has positive impacts on blood pressure – impacts which can be further boosted by walks or light hikes. The Bregenzerwald region, with its stunning landscapes, wellsprings, babbling brooks, sumptuous nature, and pure mountain air, provide the ideal environment. The perfect backdrop to inspire transformative experiences on our yoga retreats at Hotel Post Bezau.

The right retreat for each person All our yoga teachers (and we have quite a few) have their own areas of focus, so each participant is sure to find the right retreat for them. The daily yoga classes launch you on a journey to a more easy-going life. Unhelpful old habits and mindsets can be transformed, while blockages – both physical and mental – can diminish through various practices. Our team of experts put together the retreats based on a holistic approach encompassing exercise, diet, treatments, and sleep. This means all our guests need to do is take the first step in booking a yoga retreat, then simply take their place on a mat in one of our yoga rooms in the stunning natural setting of the Bregenzerwald.

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