Regenerative sleep is the gateway to a healthy life: during the process of sleep, the body busies itself with several vital processes. Cells and muscles are repaired and built, and the immune system is strengthened, while the nightly phases of calm contribute to the detoxing of the body. A few simple tricks can help the body relax.

Scientific sleep system


Selected rooms at the Hotel Post are equipped with the exclusive Samina sleeping system. It takes into account all bioenergetic and orthopedic requirements for the highest possible sleep quality and is an invaluable source of deep regeneration.

Evening ritual

Foot Bath


A warm foot bath before turning in is a time-honoured way of relaxing and slowing down the mind. It also happens to be through the feet where the strongest detoxification takes place. The Susanne Kaufmann Alkali Salts are ideal for this deacidification process, promoting the draining of impurities and releasing any blocked energies. Try them out! The alkali salts are available for you in all our rooms.

Supporting a good sleep

Pillow Bar

The right pillow is also a decisive factor in getting a good night’s sleep. At our Samina Pillow Bar you can find pillows of all shapes and sizes, each differentiated by their design and filling materials. From spine relief to anti-aging effects, they each fulfil a range of different functions