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Deriving initially from the word detoxification, “detox” has gradually become something of a trend word. But what is it really all about, and what goes into a Detox Cleanse?

Deriving initially from the word detoxification, "detox" has gradually become something of an overused trend word. In the average supermarket nowadays there’s an unending smorgasbord of products encompassing everything from detox tea to detox muesli to detox creams. A commonality they all hold is that they’re supposed to make us more beautiful, fitter and somehow lighter. But what’s it really all about, and what goes into a Detox Cleanse?

The "mysterious" detox process The methods of how a detox should proceed are widely and controversially discussed, with preconceived notions about benefits and harms often cropping up. This may be partly due to the term detoxification itself, which implies prior problems, and even poisoning or damage. Ultimately, however, during a detox treatment the body is merely triggered into regaining its natural balance, thereby drawing new energy and strength. At POST BEZAU there's a whole philosophy behind this, whereby the body is stimulated by movement and purposeful dietary changes. As part of this, stress, alcohol, cigarettes and excess sugar are a no-go as these are, along with environmental pollutants, precisely the kinds of toxins the body needs to get rid of.

Pale, run-down, listless? First things first Our bodies essentially have their own natural in-built detoxification programs: the liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs and even the skin are all responsible for cleansing the body. If this complex chain of processes is out of balance, we feel tired, listless and run-down. But you’d be wrong in thinking this is an inappropriate condition from which to cleanse the body from the inside with a detox treatment. This is because a genuine detox cure is not about a radical fasting process, which would only serve to harm the metabolism. Rather it concerns curative techniques which supply us with plentiful nutrients and vitamins. As the body then gets these valuable substances in compact form, it can concentrate on other important tasks.

Giving the body what it needs Particularly with a detox cure involving cold-pressed juices, the body receives an especially large number of vitamins, plant enzymes, secondary plant and trace elements. This serves as an intense energy boost to support the body in its various metabolic, repair and growth processes. The whole organism can then recover and find new strength. There’s also no lack of proteins during a detox treatment. On the one hand, in our everyday lives we generally consume too much protein, but on the other hand fruit and vegetables, legumes and nuts themselves contain many vegetable proteins which are even better for the body.

A detox cleanse: targeted juicing therapy At Hotel Post Bezau our guests receive very special detox cuisine based on ayurvedic principles. To go with this, specific treatments in the Susanne Kaufmann Spa serve to support the body’s natural cleansing process. A Hotel Post Bezau-inspired detox is now also available in your own home, thanks to the specially developed Detox Cure package. The various Hotel Post Bezau signature products within provide the body across either three, five or seven days with all the energy, vitamins and nutrients it needs to support its own natural cleansing processes. It goes without saying that all products are free from added sugar, binding agents or additives which have no place in a high-quality healthy diet.

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