Mental Health Programme

With our Mental Health Retreat we offer you the opportunity to work intensively on your own mindset. In close cooperation with our experts, you’ll strengthen your mindset like never before – both physically and emotionally.

Our Health Concierge at POST BEZAU is your point of contact for questions about our programmes and will assist you in planning your individual cure.

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The programme

Mental Health Retreat from 2456 €

  • 4 overnight stays with detox cuisine
  • Focus on mental health, strength, recovery and prevention
  • Building resilience to challenging life events and stress (mental resilience)
  • Building blocks of a healthy lifestyle
  • Self-reflection for personal development (2 x 1:1 coaching)
  • Relaxation & mindfulness practices
  • Conscious physical exercises with a therapeutic focus
  • Effective breathing exercises to improve sleep, among other things
  • Spa treatments & wellness
  • Healthy nutrition
  • The powerful nature of the Bregenzerwald
  • Integration back into everyday life

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Time for mental strength. "Disconnect to re-connect"

The retreat is characterised by personal work with a mental health coach. Our expert Fritz Prengel will use recognised methods and knowledge to build your personal responsibility, your relationship with yourself and your resilience.

Together, we will create a trusting framework for mindful self-reflection by asking important questions such as "Where am I in my life? What is important to me? What do I want to change? What resources do I have?"

The aim is to meet yourself authentically, recognise patterns and experience mental clarity and strength.

Body practice

This valuable mental work is supported by Claudia Jochum-Breuß, who, with her many years of experience, will introduce you to various body practices with a therapeutic focus and effective breathing exercises. It has been proven that after physical exercises, we calm down mentally more quickly and become clearer.

Both mind and body benefit from this unique combination of our experts – "a healthy mind lives in a healthy body".

Natural rhythm

Follow your own biorhythm

Nature follows its natural rhythm with the seasons. The human biorhythm also adapts and so we will organise our mental health retreats with a specific focus.

Consciously take time out of your everyday life to experience a holistic sense of well-being with physical balance and mental strength – tailored to your individual needs.