Our values at POST BEZAU

At POST BEZAU, we value two things above all: nature and health. The new hotel concept, implemented in 2019, puts an even stronger focus on the region, emphasising the healing power of nature. Combined with 15 years of experience in spa culture and preventative care, our goal is to create an attentive and inspiring place to experience and enable a positive change of both body and mind.


The holistic way

The values and principles of POST BEZAU determine the content of each retreat at the hotel. Whether it circles around healthy eating, skin therapy, or exercise, sustain­able, transformative beauty withg a holistic perspective is the name of the game, guided by our team of health and beauty experts.

We are inspired by the diversity of the Bregenzerwald, its inhabitants, and our guests and are adding a new chapter to our 170-year history.

Susanne Kaufmann

New path to a healthy lifestyle


Susanne Kaufmann and Stephanie Rist have developed a concept based on nutrition, physical exercise, sleep, holistic beauty, and experiences in the nature of the Bregenzwald. They react to a growing awareness of health and sustainability topics. POST BEZAU has had a long and successful history – we sincerely hope that with our new concept, we can continue that story.