Eco-friendly line of cleaning agents

Minimizing our environmental impact

At POST BEZAU, we are aware of the impact that each of our decisions has on the environment and the people around us. One key aspect of our concept is to accept our responsibility and to minimize the negative impact of our actions. This applies to all areas of the hotel: the furnishings and equipment of our rooms, our restaurant, our spa and wellness areas – and even something as easily overlooked as the cleaning of our house. For that matter, POST BEZAU has developed an own product line of biodegradable and non-toxic cleansers and detergents. Realized in collaboration with our producer Ingo Metzler, these products profit from a decade-long industry experience.

Less waste

New ways to avoid waste

From serving butter at breakfast to wrapping food, the small garbage bag in the bathroom or the plastic water bottle used in the gym. The goal is to avoid one-time use products and unnecessary packaging wherever possible.

Zero kilometer water

From the source to the table

Instead of buying countless crates of drinking water each week, we use our own water, right from the Bezau spring, and fill it into glass bottles we'll reuse for years to come. This lowers the amount of required resources, avoids long transport routes – and keeps us connected to what our region has to offer.