Chef´s Table

Get the chance to meet one of our experts during our Chef´s table every Monday at 12.30 noon.


Juice Bar

At our new Juice Bar, you can expect to find our POST BEZAU fruit and vegetable juices as well as homemade soups, ginger shots and a healthy selection of homemade snacks.

The breakfast

Healthy start

A daily changing breakfast menu for a good start to the day. Breakfast is served directly to your table from 07:00 to 10:00. am. In addition you will find a small brekfast buffet with bread, butter, jam and other regional products.




The lunch is served from 12:00 to 13:30. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, when POST BEZAU Cuisine is booked, the soup of the day, as well as a selection of fresh salads and a dessert awaits you at our juice bar.

Fresh | Modern 


Regional, creative, sustainable - our POST BEZAU menus. We kindly ask you to take your seat in the restaurant between 6:00 pm an 7.30 pm.