World Spa Award 2021

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For the third time in a row we have won 'Austria's Best Wellness Retreat 2021'

We’re delighted to announce that at this year’s World Spa Awards, we have once again been recognized as “Austria’s Best Wellness Retreat”. This accolade is proof that our years of hard work and continuous improvement have all been worth it.

It’s truly a special feeling to be considered among the very best spas in the world. At Hotel Post Bezau it’s been our goal for all our treatments to form a seamless part of the hotel concept as a whole, with each customized spa treatment perfectly complementing any retreat.

Why it’s worth going on a retreat. The original meaning of the word “retreat” signified something akin to a “safe haven”. With our retreats we create exactly such a space, enabling a genuine escape from the everyday. This is all about getting away from habits and routines, ushering in a new perspective and a new mindfulness for ourselves and our surroundings. In this concept of wellbeing, physical health is just as important as the mental - this is a cornerstone of our hotel philosophy. A retreat can’t change everything overnight of course, but it can serve as a starting point for developing new attitudes or healthy routines.

Our focus: holistic wellbeing A comprehensive concept of preventative health has been the focal point of our hotel concept since back in the 1970s. For the all-round wellbeing of body and mind, of special importance is the interplay between nutrition, sleep, exercise, treatments, along with the right mindset. We proudly have experts in each of these areas in-house, lending their huge experience and expertise to our various retreats.

Our pillars of holistic wellbeing

Nutrition Everything our bodies need to be efficient and healthy is provided by our diet. It’s then hardly surprising that high-quality, seasonal, and regional ingredients should populate the menu. As everyone knows, a balanced diet can supply optimal vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for all organs, as well as the skin and the nervous system. It’s also been common knowledge for some time that our gut plays a key role in physical and mental health. It goes without saying that we at Hotel Post Bezau consider nutrition to be the foremost pillar of a healthy life.

Exercise Just as important for physical and mental health is sufficient physical movement. Prevention is a key mantra at Hotel Post Bezau. By analysing - and, if necessary, improving - movement sequences, potential damage caused by incorrect posture or overloading can be avoided. In addition, both strengthening and relaxation are equally important when it comes to exercise. Activities such as yoga or qigong ensure good stress management.

Sleep We spend a surprisingly large portion of our lives asleep, during which time a whole array of physical processes are under way. While we’re relaxing, the body uses this supposed downtime for all-important regeneration, metabolic, detox, and growth processes. If these are disturbed by insufficient sleep, this can have a negative effect on our health. Alongside special rituals which promote sleep, at Hotel Post Bezau we also have our Samina Detox Sleep Rooms. These have been designed based on the most up-to-date findings of sleep researchers. The spinal column and intervertebral discs can properly regenerate, and the body’s micro-circulation runs at full blast.

Treatments All treatments at the Susanne Kaufmann Spa are part of our holistic retreat concept, and have been developed by our in-house experts. They are customized to each individual guest, supporting the journey to a holistic sense of wellbeing. Along with this, the treatments assist the body in its regenerative processes, get rid of any tensions, and resolve any blockages – both physical and mental.

Mindset Our inner attitude to ourselves and all the things around us greatly influences our thoughts, actions, and feelings. But our mindset can also in turn be influenced, so that we start to take charge of our surroundings and ourselves. In recent years, we’ve become increasingly conscious of the importance of mindset. For this reason, we’ve decided to make it a fundamental component of our retreats.

Holistic approach Being recognised as Austria’s best wellness retreat is an important milestone for us on the way to becoming a world-leading pioneer of holistic wellbeing. We never rest on our laurels and work daily on new approaches to augment our concept down to the finest detail. Having defined our pillars – nutrition, exercise, sleep, treatments, and mindset – we’ve made an important step in making a major lasting impact. The spa is an indispensable component of our hotel concept and our retreats; to truly reach this sense of holistic wellbeing, an interplay between all pillars is of utmost importance.

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