Yoga retreat with Bettina Dralle (4 days)

14 - 18 November 2019

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Yoga retreat with Bettina Dralle (4 days)

The balance yoga and meditation retreat with Bettina Dralle combines dynamic yoga flows with Yin-oriented asanas and breathing meditations to a pathway to regeneration, strength and inner balance. The guided meditations lead to deep relaxation and complete every yoga class.

Bettina Dralle

Bettina has developed the holistic method yoga balance and meditation for well-being and health through her decades of experience and her own individual style. She is experienced yoga and meditation teacher, healer and coach since 17 years. Through her presence, ability to perceive and her empathetic as well as precise manner Bettina creates the space for everyone to come into their own center and strength and to develop their own potential. Bettina's positive and cheerful nature is captivating. Everyone is picked up where he stands and receives numerous suggestions for their own yoga practice.

The 4-days-yoga-package includes:

  • 4 overnight stays with light Yoga Cuisine
  • 8 yoga units à 90 minutes for beginners or advanced students
  • A pot of ginger water daily

Minimum number 8 person


Cost for the 1st person / 2nd person / 4 nights / Arrival on Thu
Single Rooms 1170 € -
Double Room Westhouse 1290 € 1170 €
Premium Double Rooms Mainhouse 1290 € 1170 €
Samina Detox Sleep Room 1390 € 1270 €
Junior Suites 1410 € 1290 €
Deluxe Double Room 1410 € 1290 €
Suite 1570 € 1450 €

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