What the skin needs in winter The days are getting shorter, the sun prefers to remain hidden behind the clouds and the sinking temperatures put a strain on our entire organism. In particular, our skin is very exposed during the changing seasons. We should protect it from extreme weather and the dry air from heating […]

Ladies Weekend

Ladies only

A weekend just for the girls Sleeping in, leisurely breakfasts, and pampering your body and soul, all while being able to have endless conversations, laugh and simply feel good. The weekend for the girls from 17th to 19th November 2017 at Hotel Post Bezau is just perfect for this! Time. Take time to arrive together. […]


Relaxing treats for Christmas

An at-home spa or a few days with us in Bezau – time is a great gift A pre-Christmas season without shopping stress? For sure this can happen with our advent calendar, for you or the lucky recipients of this gift. We have arranged the most exquisite bestsellers from Susanne Kaufmann in beautiful, minimalistic gift […]


Relaxed throughout your pregnancy

A short getaway for expecting mothers Pregnancy is exciting and demanding at the same time. Every mother will certainly agree. The body is delivering its maximum performance throughout the approximate 40 weeks of pregnancy. We at the Hotel Post Bezau offer expecting mothers a brief time-out. Treat yourself. The hormones like to go a little […]


Gathering strength for winter

How to properly strengthen your body and skin with the help of TCM in the transitional period. Autumn has arrived. The seasons are changing, as the high-energy summer with its strong yang side transitions into autumn, characterised by its tender, peaceful yin quality. Nature’s energy is visibly diminishing: The leaves on the trees are becoming […]