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18.12.2017 - Cosmetics

Natural protection against red veins

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The Active Agent Concentrate by Susanne Kaufmann reduces couperose.

Rosy red cheeks are sensual and pretty. Red veins in the nose and cheek area are less desirable. The Bregenzerwald flora includes a traditional remedy against undesired reddening – the horse chestnut. Susanne Kaufmann has combined it with brown algae and shea butter in her Active Agent Concentrate couperose.


Couperose can be hidden beneath make up, or controlled with laser or chemical treatments. A far more gentle and efficient alternative is to tackle the red veins in a completely natural way. With healing plants and essences that help decrease swelling in the vessels and skin and have a soothing, cooling and anti inflammatory effect.


The horse chestnut is a tried and tested healing plant in the Bregenzerwald. It strengthens our vessels and the connective tissue. Susanne Kaufmann combines its essence with substances from brown algae, which has an anti-inflammatory effect. Sumptuous shea butter supplies vitamins and moisture to the irritated skin.

Thinly apply a few drops of the Susanne Kaufmann™ Active Agent Concentrate couperose onto the affected skin areas after your usual skincare routine in the morning and evening. For couperose, the nutrient concentrate demonstrably improves the skin’s condition after just four weeks.

Especially in summer, avoid intense direct exposure to sunlight and protect yourself according to your skin type.

And speaking of horse chestnuts.

The Susanne Kaufmann™ leg and vein spray also contains the active ingredient horse chestnut! Tired, heavy legs quickly get revitalised. On holiday, on the go and at home.

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